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Quotes by Heart_eater

So   Today    My     Old    Neighbors    Came   Over
They  Were  Telling  Us   Stories   About   How   They   Travel   A   Lot
Well  He  Was  Telling  Me  One  Of  How  When  They  Were   Going   To  Florida  For  Their  60th   Anniversary
And   How  They  Hold   Hands   When   They   Sit   Next   To  One   And   Other
And   A   Young   Gil    Asks   How    Long   They   Were   Married   He   Said
“60   Beautiful    Years”
She  Smiled  And  Asked  What  His  Secret    Was
He   Said
Well   You   Have   To   Be   Able    To    Cook

You   Have   To   Say  “I   Love   You”   Before   You   Go   To   Bed    And    After

And   They    Rest     Is

The stupidest person you know
And there not even

And one day….

If I ever find this amazing prince charming they speak of.
I will truly believe in love.
Because so far all love has done is left me standing here
in the cold all by myself and what do I have let?

The memories
The memories I miss
The memories I loved
The memories I could never forget
So hurry up prince charming I’m cold

Growing up!//?
No! not fun.


                                                                             The answer to a everything.

Don't be like All the other guy's.
So today I got yell at in class

After i sat back down I told my friend the teacher yelled at me

With the most serious face she said

“Its ok.. Shes fat”

*New BestFriend I think so*

I Thought I Had Friends
But They All Hate Me
I Had No Idea Till Now. 

And I Wanna Be The Couple
Who Slow Dances
During The Fast Songs <3

You know you wanna be too


You can’t just run around like a dirty little hoe

and call yourself


Mine i think