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Heart_eater's Favorite Quotes

This quote does not exist.
screw pet unicorns


i want a secret agent platypus

♥ The only guys i want to see
after  a  breakup  are

Ben anJerr y


I'm not single:
... m y  b o y f r i e n d
just lives in the future


Fave this quote if you'r 

a njnja too ;)


For guys it's:

bros before hoes

For girls it's:

chicks before dicks.

For me it's:

whoever the f**k has my back.


Fav if yohad that,
one teaddy bear that you slept with at night.

Just a smaltown girl;nmf.

Fave if you said "living in a lonely world."


That's what I'm afraid of.
not being enough. not good enough. not smart enough. not pretty enough...

Hello :)

My names Charlie. Please read this.

Okay, so I like this girl, Rachelle. Her screen name is thebeatles.

[Maybe you've heard of her?, Shes the gorgeous one]

Okay so, please favorite, because I have a message to give her,

&I want her to see this.

[She doesn't know I know her screen name,

she told my brother, who told me, its complicated]

But anyway, getting to the point.

Rachelle, will you go out with me?