Status: So if you didn't realize, I'm addicted to Green Day
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Heidi. 15. Freshman. USA.
I'm Heidi, as you can tell.
I don't do good with other people.  I hate them.
I like punk/alternative music.  Especially Green Day.  They mean the world to me and I don't know what I'd do without them.
I don't believe in love.  Or at least not until you've spent years dedicated to that one person.
I'm also having second thoughts on this whole "God" thing.
And try not to bother me.  If you're going to start an argument with me, I'll give the fight a while but will eventually just leave because this crap isn't worth my time.


Quotes by HeidioPHD

People say that they don't go on witty anymore because it's not cool.
But if you haven't noticed...
I tend to do things after they stopped being cool.
Death doesn't make me sad.
Nope.  Never has.  I've seen old friends, people I barely knew, family, pets, and so many people die, but it's never effected me.
I've never cried over it.  I've never prayed, praying that they're in a better place.
Because honestly, when someone dies you aren't losing them.
Sure you can't see them but they're somewhere.  They're in your mind, your memories.
That's all that we're here for right?
At least in my opinion.
Death is basically just what has turned into a dramatic way to dissapear.
The only reason I'm online on facebook right now
is so that when you get online, we can talk for hours ♥

          Me: *leaves all my homework at home*
          Me: Well I can always try to get straigt A's next year.

          Algebra Teacher: What's your quote of the day, Tom?
          Tom: Yolo, you only live once. Make the best of it.
          Algebra Teacher: What if you're a cat.
          Algebra Teacher: You only live nine times.
          Algebra Teacher: YOLNT
          Algebra Teacher: "Hey I'm gonna go mess around with the dog.  YOLNT"

So I started a thing a month or so ago
where I'm going to be nice to people.
It seemed to have only worked with one person
because now a ton of people are ignoring me for being nice.

What is "nice?" to you people?
Do you have the time
to listen to me whine
about nothing and everything
all at once?

Green Day - Basket Case

Just girly thingy  
Stabbing your boyfriend 30 times in the head and burning a church
because he forgot your 2 hour anniversary

Dear Dad,

I hate you. I can't stand you. You're a jerk and I can't spend 30 minutes in a room with you without you starting an argument. If I could I would run away and never have to see you again. I wish I was born to any father other than you.

-your eldest daughter

          Me: My glasses are smudging.
          Me: I should take them off.
          Me: *le takes off glasses*
          World: *dark*
          World: *super bright*
          World: *sparkly*
          World: *bending in 238382847562 directions*
          Me: Maybe I'll keep my glasses on.