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Hey guys! My name's Alex, seventeen, and I'm dedicated to writing stories and things. I'm currently writing a fan-fic :D BUt I enjoy writing my own fiction as well. I'm probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and I am always a good friend. If you need to talk, you can talk to me! P.s. I like all kinds of music so we can always talk that as well(;
So long live the reckless and the brave 
I, don't think I wanna be saved 
My song has not been sung
And long live the fast times
So come what may
I, don't think I'll ever be saved
Our song has not been sung
Long live us! 
I'm writing a story for everyone to read!


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Because I don't sleep at all 




God, I'm sick of sleeping alone.

Beautiful Eyes

Chapter  9




I glance at the clock next to my bed. 2 am.
“Harry.” I whisper, shaking him lightly.
“You should probably go back to your room, so Louis doesn’t freak on us.”
“What time is it?” He mumbles, rolling over onto his back.
“Two in the morning.”
“Erg.” He groans, but gets out of my bed. Harry kisses me lightly on the lips before walking over to the adjoining door. I sit up in the bed, leaning against the headboard.
“Harry?” I whisper loud enough for him to hear.
“Yes?” Harry turns and faces me.
“What does this mean? For us.” I look down at my hands in my lap.
Harry walks back over to me and sits right by me on the bed. My eyes search for his face in the dark, and faintly notice Harry biting his lip.
“I don’t want Louis knowing….not yet. He needs to warm up to the fact that you’re actually good for me.”
“I understand, Tally. But I want to be with you, I want you to be mine.”
“So,” I sigh. “Should we date…behind Lou’s back? But in front of him we’d have to keep up our normal appearances, acting like we normally would in any situation. Which means if a cute girl flirts with you, you flirt back. And the same for me, but with guys…But we can’t get mad, or jealous, right?”
“No getting mad, or jealous.” Harry repeats.
“Harry, what about if Lou finds out before he’s ready?”
Harry takes my hand and squeezes it tightly. “I’ll still stay with you.”


Muahahaha. I'm enjoying writing this again. Like I said, I haven't been able to get on recently because of a lot of things. I hope I didn't lose readers! Anyways. Enjoy, comment, fave, love. Hearts and stuff.




Beautiful Eyes

Chapter  8



“That’s what makes you beautiful!” Harry sings the last part of the song, the last song of the night. The music cuts out and the boys all walk up to each other, hug and bow to the audience.
“Thanks so much for coming out tonight!” Louis says. The other boys say their own farewells, and they come running off the stage.
I stand by, watching them run over towards me laughing. I can tell from the looks on their faces that they’re all extremely happy of the outcome of this concert.
I jump up on my brother, wrapped in his hug. He’s sweaty, smelly, but he hugs me back twice as hard. “I’m so proud of you, big brother.” I whisper in his ear and he squeezes me quickly before setting me down.
I run through hugs with the other boys, but step back when Harry tries to hug me as well. Liam notices, but shakes his head very, very inconspicuously.
The crowd is chanting for more, and the boys look to the crew to see if it’s okay for an encore. They say yes, so the boys race out on stage and sing “I Want” for the crowd.
After an hour of waiting for fans to clear out, the boys and I are given the OK to go ahead and go back to the hotel. The boys are pretty tired and don’t say much on the way home, and everyone makes their way to their rooms. Being the only girl, I was given my own room, adjoined to Louis and Harry’s of course.
I quickly change into my shorts and a tank and climb into bed. The only light on is the bedside table’s lamp. Grabbing my book from the table, the adjoining door opens and someone walks in. Curly hair and a lean body only means…
“Hey.” He says and sits down on the end of my bed.
“Um, hi.” I close the book and set it in my lap. “What’re you doing in here?”
“Are you okay? You seemed upset earlier.” He scoots closer to me on the bed. I pull my legs up closer, uncomfortable.
“Uh, well, yeah. I’m fine.”
“Come on, Tally.” He scoots closer again, and places his hand on my knee.
“That kiss—it didn’t mean anything. It can’t mean anything, okay? We can’t do this, Harry. Louis said no.”
“Do you listen to everything Lou says?” Harry’s green eyes look into mine sincerely. And with those eyes looking at me like that, my heart starts melting and my wall starts softening.
“Well, I try to. He tends to know more than I do.”
“Not about how I feel about you. He doesn’t know what goes on in my head when I see you, what happens when I hear your name, when you’re close to me…”
My heart starts beating a little faster.
“And how is that?” I sit up a little straighter and lean in towards Harry.
Harry grabs my hand and places it on his chest, right above his heart. It’s beating just as fast as mine. I look up to his eyes and he blushes lightly.
“How do you feel about me, Harry?” I whisper, licking my lips and breathing lightly.
“I like you…a lot.”
And then his lips crashed into mine.


Wow. It's been FOREVER since I last posted. I'm SOOO sorry. I've been really busy, sick, and going through some things, so please bear with me. (:I'm in love with LWWY♥ Enjoy, comment, fave, love. Hearts and stuff.




It's days like this that I wish I had more than one best friend,

because now I don't think I even have one.


is make me feel like crap day                  

Why don't you love me?
Touch me, tell me I'm your everything;
The air you breathe.
Why don't you love me, baby?
Open up your heart tonight,
I could be all that you need.
 Why don't you love me? ♥


should have killed you
 when I had the chance.    


Beautiful Eyes

Chapter  6



Louis and I take one last look at the flat that we shared, before boarding the bus. It’s only a forty minute drive out of the city for the first venue, but the boys had rehearsals and things to do, so we left a day early.
The boys mess around, poking fun at Paul and each other. I sat and tried to read, but I ended up just listening to them have fun. My eyes kept glancing over to Harry, and I would catch his eye. He would smile, but continue adding into their laughter.
The bus pulls up to the place the concert would be tomorrow night, because the boys had rehearsal to do. I get off with the boys, shielded from the screaming fans by security, and into the building.
The crew ushers them to do warm-ups and get on stage to do some blocking for the concert. The boys sing and go through the set list and I sit on the side of the stage watching. After a few more concerts, I’m sure I’ll get sick of sitting and watching, but right now I’m absolutely stunned by the progress my boys have made. They’ve come so far with their careers and I have to say I’m incredibly proud.
Harry glances over in my direction a lot during the rehearsal, and every time I caught myself blushing and averting my gaze from him. I would look back to see him smirking and then look away. Louis caught us once or twice, but didn’t say or do anything.
At break, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn head off past me to get some food, but Harry stops just in front of me. He smiles down at me, his eyes meeting mine.
“Ever had someone sing a song that was meant for you?” He asks, smiling that cute half-smile that guys do.
“No…?” I answer. Harry slings his arm over my shoulder and we start walking to where the guys are.
“Well, now you have.”
I glance up at Harry, curiously, when he stops and turns to face me.
“Tally, I have a confession. Now, don’t think I’m completely crazy or anything—“
“But you are completely crazy, Hazza.” I joke.
“Shhh, I’m trying to be cute here.”
“Is that possible?”
He raises an eyebrow at me questioningly, but I just smirk at him.
“Well, what I was trying to say was that…”Harry trails off, thinking, probably of the best way to phrase whatever he wanted to say.
And then out of the blue, he places his hand on my neck, leans down, and kisses me full on the lips.


Sorry bit take sme forever to post Dx Everything is on the home computer and I don't like going on here. Soo, it's going to start getting better I promiseee. Enjoy, comment, fave, love. Hearts and stuff.