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understands what i have been going through today... Worried someone is gonna kill my best friend, and been wanting to break down all day :'( </3 I hate my fucki
ung life ._.
Turning in my uniform tomorrow   :( 
Goodbye #16
See You Next Season <3

I miss practice, my teammates, playing games, steal the bacon, and scrimages <3
Field Hockey #16
When i say i love you, you think that i mean as you being my older brother... but you dont understand im truly in love with you, and want to be with you </3
Only 3 people truly understand me </3
I wish I could just go up to you kiss you, and tell you that
Hmm... You Want To Be JUST FRIENDS?? I CANT Do That -.-
Field Hockey Problem 1:
Shin Guard Tan Lines

I wasnt trying to fall in love with you..
But you seem just about perfect for me<3