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Quotes by HelloKittyy11

Forgiveness is
taking the knife out
of your own back
and not using it
to hurt anyone else
no matter how
they hurt you

You can never say I didn't try to be there for you.
Even when I knew it was time to go I stayed longer than I should've.


You're the bad guy in somebody's story.


not everyone you love
will stay
not everyone you trust
will be loyal
some people only exist
as examples of what to avoid

Sometimes a man's purpose in a woman's
life is to help her become a better woman..
For another man.


I just want all my secrets back

I don't want anyone to know anything
about me anymore

"You will search for me in another person.
I promise."
- And you will never find me.
All I want
is to feel nothing
the next time I see you.
My boyfriend isn't allowed to talk to other girls.
You lonely? You better get on your knees and
talk to Jesus. Otherwise you can meet him
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