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Quotes by HelloSeattle

he was beautiful,
but she was beautiful the way a forest fire was beautiful:
something to be admired from a distance,

                       n o t     u p     c l o s e .                                                    

                My lungs have failed,

                                                                     AND I'VE STOPPED BREATHING;
                                         my heart is dead and way past beating.

because someone doesn't love you the way you want, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.

just to break the tension.  <3

Don't you cry tonight.
     I know you lied despite        you know you’re wanted,       but can’t quite go.
   It’s not the same as you thought it would be, but please.

Breaking hearts; it's what you do for fun, little one.
But see, I wrote it all down into a song.
 I'll break your heart in just three minutes,                     
         now, look who won.

i've been waiting my whole life for      

please, don't
even look at me,
 b e c a u s e   I   f a l l   i n   l o v e   t o   f a s t ,

and I hit the ground every time.

   "Always and forever."
( u n t i l   h e   c h a n g e d   h i s   m i n d )