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Quotes by HelloSmileyFace

A Cutter's Story

hey found her in the shower
with blood all
around her

And a not
e on the counter
said she was sorry
ut she could no longer take this life

To m
uch pain and anger inside her
and the only r
elief she got was with the blade of a knife

You can read her diary that tells 
of how
the blade feels each time she cuts 
and how
there’s no greater high

Or you could rea
d her body
r it’s covered in scars and each one tells a story

But her diary is a little easier to read
tells of a girl that of only sixteen
at has gone through more than anyone should

She’s been hurt by family, 
rejected by frie
judged by strang
and used by men

She use to just cut the first layer of skin
to let out the pain
and would flirt with the idea of going deeper
but I guess she got tired of flirting
decided to cut the vein

t’s so sad to think the only way
girl felt no pain was when she was
herself with a blade

But after the cut has mended
ere will be a scar on her wrist
and it will tell the story of how this cutter’s life ended 
Hello, sweetheart. Remember me? Its me the girl you tore to pieces, the one you broke like glass, the one that you told that you would never hurt. Remember me? Hello, dear. Its your worst enemy.
B*tch please, your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.

Before I would've taken a bullet for you,
now I want to pull the trigger.
Sucessfully got me angry again. Thank you you little CHILD. Ignoring me? SOOOO third grade well i guess it fits you.
Hey, you didn't show up today. Maybe it's better this way, cuz baby, its your life, you should live it.
Ooh, if you only knew, every single
thought I thought of you, I've done all
I can do. I swear it's the truth.
So, you're leaving. You turn your back
and walk away, won't listen to a word I
say, I'm breaking for you. Im calling out
to you, at the top of my lungs. I've
waited for you. The waiting is done.

Verse 2:
What about first love? What about faithfulness? Cuz baby, you're just about to break it.
You, should take a few steps back. What you need I already have. Dead and dying love, we could be more than that.

Bridge one (spoken part): I know my tone is matter of fact and I'm guilty of being too direct, but please come back. Please come back.

Bridge two:
I died for you, so we could be one. But now we are two, separate sides, fighting for what? Who knows, do you? You're running away, but desert stretches for miles and miles that way. I'm breaking for you, I'm breaking for you
There's always that one person that makes you want to raise your middle finger every time they speak to you.
Me: I just realized something.... I dont remember the last time i had se/x for love and not just for fun.. Im horrible >.<
Cory: spring break
Me: what was spring break?
Cory: the last time we did
Me: but that wasn't for love.....
Cory: I felt love
Me: From me or from you?
Cory: From me
My Mind: But you told me you never wanted to date me, you just wanted to be friends with benefits. i have liked you for three years waited through three girlfriends for you.... given myself to you countless times, and sacrificed a lot to make you happy.... you said you didn't love me.. and now you suddenly do??
Me: Oh, i thought you said you didn't love me ?
Cory: it was a type of love

#foreveralone, #donebeinghurt, #lovesucks
F/ck life.... Im over it