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Life lives, Life dies.
Hello there! I'm Jessica ;) A fourteen year old nut log from the United Kingdom. I'm pretty friendly, pretty crazy, but defenitely not pretty. So, thanks for stopping by my page.. Don't bother to look through all of it, you'll get bored faster than spaghetti hoops go cold. That's really it. So, yeah, bye. ;)




Quotes by HelloWorldItIsYourFather

Everyone on here has like best friends,
And then there is me on my own. 
That awkward moment when you try to log in to witty,
but then realize you're typing your username into the search box.

It's my birthday!

I'm fourteen. Fourteen faves?

If every time someone called me beatiful I'd get a one cence,
I'd have exactly $0.00

Fat, single and ready for a pringle. 
*After test*

Me: Yes! I got a C!
Me: Nailed it.
I wish I would find a guy who would love me.
Did you know,
That when you help a cow give birth, you`re actually fingering it.