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17 year old boy with a boring life!!!

Quotes by HemanT*

"I'm sorry Mum, but this world is just not my place,
I've tried for so long to fix this and fit in,
I've come to realise this world's full of sin,
There's nothing for me here, I'm just a waste of space,
I've got no reason to stay here with this awful race,
It's a disgrace, I was misplaced,
Born in the wrong time and in the wrong place
Relationships don't get deep to me
Never got the whole in love thing
And someone can say they love me truly
But at the time it didn't mean a thing
someone can say they love me truly
But at the time it didn't mean a thing
The secrets that you hide, control us and it's just not fair
Don't complicate it,
Don't drive yourself insane
Say what you will but I know that you want to stay!
my one hand is enough to fight the whole world. ..if you hold other
just take a chance and let me in
And I'll show you ways that you don't know..
I'm jealous of my parents,
I'll never have as cute child as they have.
Do you ever type something really long and
then delete it all because you realize
no one actually cares.
slit your wrist and
cut your tight,
fake a smile and
dry your eyes,
hate yourself and hate your life...
welcome to my life of lies.
I Cry For The Time That
You Were Almost Mine
I Cry For The Memories
I've Left Behind
I Cry For The Pain
The Lost, The Old, The New
I Cry For The Times
I Thought I Had YOU