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-I think some overweight girl are hypocrites. I'm naturally tall & skinny, I eat what I want, I don't starve myself and I am beautiful.
So why are you allowed to love your "curves", but its wrong for me to love my "bones"? Why is it okay for you to call me "anorexic", but horrible for me to call you "fat"? If you can tell me to gain weight, why can't I tell you to lose it?
If you can feel beautiful for big, I can feel beautiful for being small. Get over it.
Sometimes I really hate who I am . I hate my body . I hate my legs . I hate my eyes . I hate my face . I hate my complection . I hate my big ears . I hate my boring hair . I look in the mirror and I just hate everything I see . Then I see people who loved sports , but can no longer walk . People who loved music , but can no longer hear . People who loved beautiful scenery , but can no longer see . People who love hair , but no longer have any . & that makes me realize how ungrateful I am . I may not have it all , but I am VERY thankful for what I have
"Every girl should feel beautiful with no make up on."
-In all honestly , I don't even feel beautiful with it on ..
I'm sorry but I don't think all girls are beautiful .
I've seen girls who backstab , make fun of people who don't deserve it , who are ignorant & who truely think the world revolves around them & to me , thats absolutely hideous .
My sister: Why are you getting ready ? We're just going to the gas station !

Me : 'Cause what if I see a really hot guy & I look ugly & I lose my chance with him ! D:

My sister: Then that's good , because then he doesn't love you for you . .

Me = Speechless . . .
Don't Assume When I'm Mad That I'm On My Period Or When You're Sleeping , I'll Assume You're Dead & Bury You In My Backyard .  
Have you ever just listened to someone tell their life story & just got the goose bumps like crazy ? ♥♥♥♥
Whenever I go for a jog & it's raining , I like to pretend that someone killed my family & I have to get strong & avenge their death .
Me: Hey Mom , look ! It's a Nemo . (^o^)/
Store worker: Ma'am , that's a clown fish . (.-.)
Me: Dude , that's a Nemo . t(._.)
Appearances, they don't matter. You can change everything on your outside and people will still love you for who you are, at least the real ones will. Some times change can help you find what really matters. Not only in the people around you, but it can also help you find yourself and what you really care about. Once you reach that equilibriumum within yourself you will be able to reach a type of happiness that no one can ever take away from you. So learn to believe in yourself and be confident that no one will everr be better at being you than you are right now