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Quotes by Herown

Its different
When you tell yourself
That no one loves you
When it's the dead of night
And there is no one there to hear you
But when its the middle of the day
And the house is full to bursting
With those that claim to be family
And the tears escape in body wrenching sobs
That echo off the thin, plain, white walls
And escape out the open door
And not a single soul
Stops to wonder if maybe
I was lying,
That I'm absolutely
Not okay

I cant see how
This story ends
But i know
I dont want
To read it

I wasn't second best
Not even a choice at all
Never a glance
Just another flower
On the wall

So one day you decided you were tired of feeling so bleak
Like an eternal nighy sky
Had taken root inside
So you went to the dollar store
Bought all the glow sticks you could carry
And when you got home
You cracked them until they broke
Pouring the neon liquids
Into your mom's favorite chipped coffee cup
You said you only wanted to feel light
To have something to extinguish the dark
So you drank the poisioned promise Saying,
This time I'll fight my demons with neon lights

Cracked liked an old mirror
Held together with dust
The light shine
Of what could have been
Is so bright
It could blind
But past the warm
As sunlight glare
The shattered reality
Is reflecting back

Like a leaf in the breeze
I shiver at your slightest touch

I don't think I could ever tell you,
But you make my palms sweaty
And my heart beat quicken.
Your smile makes me smile.
I always look away,
Not wanting you to see my blush,
Because when you call me pretty
Your eyes are always looking at


I don't have a fear of flying;
I have a fear of crashing.

Billy Bob Thornton

Some days
I feel like
A soft grey cloud
Just drifting along
The seemingly endless sky
Being pushed forward
By the ever changing winds
I'm not entirely sure
What my destination is
Or even what direction
I am traveling in
But I hope that
One of these days
I will find a place to
Dump myself in

The long night,
This infernal winter
Nothing will last
Not even the fires
The end is here
And its nothing
Like the hell
We imagine

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