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And you don't need to know a single thing about me, other than I've been hurt too many times to count and I distance myself from everyone to keep myself from being hurt again. If you want to know something about my messed up life, show me that I can trust you and don't ever make me regret it. Keep in mind, I have my secrets, just as I'm sure you have yours. We all have fucked up stories to tell, what's yours?

Christopher Miguel Hughes has my heart.


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Would any of y'all be interested in doing a secret santa type thing? For witty? Comment pleaseee.

Boy: Hey
            Girl: Hey.
Boy: How are you?
            Girl: How am I? Really? It's been a year. A year. 
            I spent 12 months trying to figure out what I did wrong.    
            I spent 12 f***ing months trying to understand how you
            could love me one day and have no feelings for me the
            next. I spent my entire summer trying to get over you,
            thinking this school year I would be okay,and if I saw
            you occasionally I wouldn't care. But screw that. I'm still
            not over you. And I don't think I ever will be. Because as
            much as I try to deny it, you were and always will be my
            first love. But you were also my first true heartbreak. And
            every time I see you I'm filled with rage, anger, and sadness.
            I'm enraged that you don't give me any acknowledgement.
            You pretend you don't even know me. And I am angry that
            you destroyed me like that and don't even care. And finally,
            I am sad that I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that
            you will never come back to me. Never like me. So after 12
            months of CONSTANT torture, you come at me and say 'Hey'? 
            No. Don't talk to me. All you're gonna do is bring back more 
            memories. And worse than memories? My f***ing feelings
            that I had for you. So just stop talking to me before you add
            to the amount of emotional damage you've caused me.

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Cheater, cheater, where'd you meet that
no good, white trash ho?

Sitting here feeling kinda crazy
But not just any crazy
It's the kind you feel when you love somebody
And I dont doubt that my baby
Is calling somebody else baby
And I can't sit still
Look how gone it got me

Realize what you've got.
and recognize what you had.

You came to me with scars on your wrists,
told me it'd be your last night feeling like this.
"I just came to say goodbye. I didn't want you
to see me cry, I'm fine," you said. But I know
it's just a lie.

It's hard to talk someone out of suicide
when you're considering it yourself.

The awkward moment when;
you're completely in love with your boyfriends best friend.
and he's in love with you, too.

(not applying to my current situation.)