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Hey guys, my name is Crash. Crash Mitchell Simmons. I know Crash is a weird name, but not my fault. Blame my Mommy. I'm a male model, and i will be happy to prove that i'm real. If you would like i can post some pictures from some shoots. I live in California, and i'm lovin' it.  I just moved here last year. I live right near Huntington beach, so i surf a lot. I;m 16, i know i don't look that young, or maybe i do. But everyone says i look like im 20. I live with my mother, father, 4 sisters, 3 brothers, and my 2 dogs, Blaze, and Crash Jr. (Crash Jr.'s my dog) I have a crazy big family, but i guess thats typical for an italian guy like me. Well that's about it. I'm out.Deuces.

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Here's a picture from a shoot i did a month ago:

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Hey witty people, i'm new here. I'm a guy and my name is Crash, don't make fun of my name >_<
I'm not here to flirt with girls, just to make quotes and give advice if anyone needs some!
Well as i said my name is Crash, feel free to talk to me, i'm not shy. Buh Bye :)