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Quotes by HeyYouOverThere

"I asked you to save me and you said no."
                                                    - j.b.
I don't think anyone even has any idea how much this killing me
i would take a whisper, if that's all you had to give
Two drunk teenagers
walking down the alleys
in a city plagued with poverty.
With poverty, there usually comes sin.
But they created a beautiful sin
between the sheets of the hotel bed.
Something so beautiful,
that sin didn't even dare confess itself that day.
The gray sneakers laying on the floor.
Nothing but gasps of air as two drunk teenagers
get a taste of the sin that evolves from oblivion from others.
No, you don't know what if feels like.
I stayed up countless hours just to see when you would message me back.
I waited every da/mn night.
People told me you weren't coming back and I didn't believe them.
But I sat on the ground in my stupid bathroom and read through all my messages.
The sad attempts to get together.
The remember whens.
How the he/ll is that supposed to change anything?
You were supposed to be there for me.
I cried over you. That's supposed to mean something.
You are my family.
You aren't supposed to leave and never come back.
It hurts that I might not even cross your mind as half the times as you cross mine.
We had a promise...
Don't you remember?
Wishing on stars, only when you see them.
It's asking God for help, only when you need it.
I'm wishing anyways.
Maybe it's because we create this ideal fantasy inside our heads and that is why most of the world is unhappy.
I know I shouldn't have expected you to be there,
but when it was all over and you didn't show up, it still hurt.
I wonder if you kept that picture of us.
I wonder if it reminds you of the innocence, the bliss of that day.
I wonder if every time you think of me, you think of how we danced.
I wonder if you ever listen to that song and think about how we sat so close together, touching.
I wonder if you would still be willing to wait for me.
I wonder if you ever wonder about me.
sorry im just going to rant here for a couple seconds.
You know what is the best thing to do? Open a door for someone. I was walking into a store and this (cute, may I add) guy came up right behind me and opened the door for me. like i don't know why but it is something i really look for in a guy. i just love it so much, because it seems like chivalry is dead, but with people like that it gives me hope! :)