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Yes, my name is Hiba.
I'm from Australia! 
I'm 14 years old, & in the 9th Grade.
& I love to write.
Writing is my passion.

In fact, I sent in a few of my lyrics over to America, Nashville.
And I got a letter in my mail-box... with a song-writing contract!
So, hey, you never know when one of your favorite singers will be singing
one of my songs ;)

I used take
[  R E Q U E S T S  ]

but i'm not anymore.
but i promise i will re-open the requests soon!

[ TAYLOR        S W I F T ]

You write songs about my life.<3

Quotes by HibaSweetish

(¯`v´¯) when
 `·. ¸.·´you're
¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) fifteen..
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´.·´¯`· hold on.
and never let go.


time s l o w s down
whenever you're around
i can f e e l my h e a r t,
it's beating in my chest

our love was like a story;

but you changed the words and skipped the page. our love was like a song, but you forgot the lyrics and you didn't sing along. our love was like a fairytale, but you
ripped out my heart  hard enough to wake me up

this nightmare
that was once a dream

quote by meeee! :)

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oooh, you rebel ;)
the memory of you and i
so when i'm older, i can look at
these photographs and think

wow, i really loved him.


i   want someone to   love me for
░░░░░░░WHO I AM
i   want someone to   love me for
░░░░░░░WHO I AM

before i fall, too fast..
kiss me q u i c k but make it last.
so i can see how badly this will hurt
when you say
g o o d b y e
keep it sweet, keep it slow.
let the future pass, and don't let go.
but tonight i could fall too soon
under this b e a u t i f u l moonlight.
but you're so hypnotizing
you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep.
and i can see this u n r a v e l i n g
your love is where i'm
f a l l in g
but please don't

c  a t c  h m  e

you    see     this heart
won't    settle     down
like  a child
r u n n i n g

scared   from   a  clown
i'm terrified of what you do
my   stomach    screams
just  when  i look at  you
run far away, so i can breathe
even though you're far from
s u f f o c a t i n g    m e
i can't set my hopes too high
cause      every       hello
ends with a
g o o d ♦ b y e

Just Because I Am Wearing a Smile
Doesn't mean I'm okay inside.
Just because I tell you I'm happy
Doesn't mean that I'm alright.
Just because I laugh at your joke
Doesn't mean I actually get it.
Just because I tell you off
Doesn't mean I want you to stop.
Just because I'm a young person
Doesn't mean I have a naive mind.
Just because I haven't been through it
Doesn't mean I don't know it.
Just because I've cheated on a test
Doesn't mean I didn't actually try.
Just because I always look joyful,
Doesn't mean I never cry.

Just because I say I hate you
Doesn't mean I don't love you.

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quote by me.