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Yes, my name is Hiba.
I'm from Australia! 
I'm 14 years old, & in the 9th Grade.
& I love to write.
Writing is my passion.

In fact, I sent in a few of my lyrics over to America, Nashville.
And I got a letter in my mail-box... with a song-writing contract!
So, hey, you never know when one of your favorite singers will be singing
one of my songs ;)

I used take
[  R E Q U E S T S  ]

but i'm not anymore.
but i promise i will re-open the requests soon!

[ TAYLOR        S W I F T ]

You write songs about my life.<3

HibaSweetish's Favorite Quotes

to the clueless boys..
when she says she's cold,
don't say "me too".
put your arms around her
and hug her so tight.
when she says she love's you
don't say "me too".
say "i love you more."
take a long walk with her
hold her hand
give her your jumper
when she's having a tough time
stay with her
when she says she has to go
tell her your coming with her
if she wants to be alone
let her be alone
but call her to check up on her
text her all night
text her random messeges
write her cute letters and stick
them in her locker

dont hang out with other girls
to get her jealous,
that only drifts her away
when shes angry and shes yelling
grab her face in your hands
and kiss her

kiss her in the rain
take her out to dinner
snuggle up with her when your
watching a movie
snuggle up with her whenever
cuddle her and kiss her forehead
tell her you care about her
tell her you want to spend the
rest of your life with her
dedicate a cute love song to her
write her poems
dont always call her
hot     sexy    cute

call her beautiful call her amazing
call her one of a kind..

(¯`v´¯) when
 `·. ¸.·´you're
¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) fifteen..
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´.·´¯`· hold on.
and never let go.
This quote does not exist.

dear boy
you're so amazing
you make me smile
you're so beautiful.
whenever i stare at you,
i just can't look away.
your words are so sweet
and your touch is so soft
i hope that one day,
we might fall in love.
when i first saw you,
i couldn't really breathe
but of course i had to
because i wanted to see you again
i may stalk you on facebook
and always look at your pictures
just remember, it's only because
you take my breath away
but however,
i can not live without you.
you make me feel so special
you make me feel so loved
we may never be together
you're an angel sent from above
i may never know
if you love me too
and therefore,
i really, really do love you.

love girl

hundred percent mine.

"are you asleep?"


facebook groups. haha but this always happens to me, what about you?

we are the world
we are the children,
we are the ones t o make a
brighter day
so lets start giving..
there's a choice we're making
we're saving our own lives
it's true, we'll make a better day
just you&me

think of the children who've lost their parents. think of the parents who've lose their children. think  of the pain they're going through every day. can you imagine living without  your cell-phone, facebook, iPod, MSN, hair-straightner? It's way worse then that feeling. Please support Haiti by donating all you can. Little or big,
it all counts.

favorite this quote  to show
that you care.

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