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hey world, jen here!!
Welcome to my profile. Straight jackets are by the wall, meds are in the boxes. Enjoy your stay, and please visit again!


About me:

I live in a 3 story house in Pennsylania.I have 2 hamsters named crystal and caroline, I have a small dog named zippy, and a horse named gizmo. I have a great boy named mikey. ♥ ya darlin'

Sistas 4eva:

me and my sister sarah both have wittys, check hers out ( jollyrancher123 ). Sarah is my twin sister. the only distinct difference is that she has black hair and i have blonde. we are so close people tell us that we must have been attached at the hip. Luv ya sweetie.

ignore the code at the bottom idk why its there

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Quotes by Highstar16

Everyone says I'm like the girl next door...
Y'all must have really weird neighbours
I can't always 
 be the bigger person.
Yes I know I come off
rude and obnoxious
but ask anyone who
knows the real me

(which isn't many) 
But they will tell you
that I have a heart of gold

So just be the bigger person
this time and get to

know the real me. 
just a vent parcial credit
do you remember how you broke my ♥heart♥
well let me show you how it feels
welcome to summer.
Where [every day] is saturday.

I cant get you out of my head
I'm gonna make you pay rent
&& don't worry..
my prince charmings coming,
but right now he took a wrong turn, got lost,
and is too stuborn to ask for directions

Found on here and edited
at practice.
             we're the best of the best.

not all mine had to repost

smiles and  tears,
    giggles and laughs,
            late night calls,
                  and photographs,
                          I'll be there for you,
                               until the day of my death,
                                                                                  Best Friends Forever, 
till my last breath.*


me without you is like.... 

  SHOES without LACES.....

GEEK without BRACES....