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my names jen and i was born on january 13 in san francisco, california. im 18 years young and now live in michigan. i just graduated from ford high school and am so excited to be a freshman at ucla in the fall [i miss my sun!].  competitive cheer for fordcheersquad and love every minute. i ran track, played vball, and was on ford's forensics [fyi--its acting, not science] team in high school. i have the most amazing eight bestfriends in the world and i love my boyfriend cam mucho. since forever, until forever-- i love you so much c =] wanna know more? just ask. im me at hotchicachica121  

dave matthews band is my favorite. j'aime parler francais. i procrastinate more than anyone i know. when i watch movies, i fall asleep. always. i recite how i met your mother quotes religiously. i eat at least 2 apples a day. i wish i knew how to play guitar. i've been with the same boy since 6th grade. no, i'm not kidding, and yes, i realize how ridiculous that sounds. but it's true. i want to live in europe one day. i actually enjoy doing math. my favorite color's green. sometimes i just don't wanna talk to anyone. i hate snow. i think it's sexy when guys play with little kids. i make really good grilled cheese. i've been called a tease. my best friend lives in connecticut. i'm always insanely busy, and i like it. i have really bad eyesight. i get annoyed with stupid people. i think it'd be cool to go to a performing arts school. country music makes me happy. i think my history teacher's hotttt. somehow i always break pens. i try to be independant. did i spell that right? im bad at spelling. i read a lot. if i could be anything i'd be a wizard. i dont know why i've told you all these things. i dont know why you're reading them either. and i dont know how to end this. annndd done. there we go =]

Quotes by HoTcHiCa121

it's just another simple voice mail message,
"i'll pick you up and we'll do dinner by the fire,
and we'll just watch it snow"

it's from a year ago.
"baby i love you and I can't wait to see you tonight,
i've been thinking 'bout you all day long"

she pushes nine to save, she still can't erase

it's just a worn out notre dame t-shirt,
she's gotten mad and tried to throw
that thing away at least a hundred times
but she's got it on tonight.
he used to wear it on the weekend, just running around,
he forgot he even left it behind

she says it keeps her warm, but it's so much more

cause it makes her feel close,
makes her smile
it's like he's with her almost
till the tears take over & she's still in hell.
but she tells herself
she's ready to let him go

cause that makes her feel close

close.rascal flatts

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed, sing like bird
Dizzy in my head, spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh, you make me s m i l e

smile.uncle kracker.
love you c.
since forever, until forever

hey there mo, you're pretty great-
and while french verbs you can't conjugate,
gummy bear pictures you do create
for your flourishment, i cannot wait

on the yearbook you're a true reformer
and with your mask, you're also a transformer
in college i know you won't be a bench warmer
because in everything you do, you're an amazing performer

when you're off at michigan there are lots i will miss
from forensics to tectonic, i don't mean to reminisce
i hope you don't float off into the oceanic abyss
and if you remember one thing, please remember this

you're one of the most unique people i've ever gotten to meet
whether you're trying to go tanning or dropping a beat
the shipman scholars i know you will defeat
without you, next year will be incomplete!

congrats mo--i'll miss you next year!
love, j

If you're ugly on the outside, it don't matter
It's the beauty on the inside that overpowers.
The beauty on the outisde, it won't matter
If you're ugly on the inside.

life is so very fragile.  we are all vulnerable and we will all at some point in our lives fall--we will all fall.  we must carry this in our hearts: that what we have is special, that it can be taken from us and when it is taken from us we will be tested.  we will be tested to our very souls. it is in these times, in this pain, that we must look inside ourselves and find the strength to get up--so we can fall back down once again. all of the falling, all of the pain, is preparing us for the most important moment in our lives. the moment that we finally learn to stand on our owntwofeet.
Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fireflies
Dance silver moons sparkling, so kiss me

i love you c. 12.3.03

even castles made of sand 
       fall in the sea eventually
Itís the morning
The white light hits your face
Your head upon that pillow
I let you radiate
You spend all day
Twisted up in sheets
One of those days
One of those moments
You just make me happy

thenine--heres to the friends that turned into family