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Jessieka <3

thats my name ^

about me

i am 15 on the 13th of Feb.
i am an aquarius.
i was born in boston.
i am living in connecitcut.
i am in a complicated realtionship.
i am an atheist.
i am 5'7.
i am tan.
i have short dirty blonde hair.
i have blue eyes.
i am a soccer , basketball, and tennis 


color; blue.
food; mac & cheese.
veggie; celery.
fruit; strawberry.
item of clothing; tank tops.
clothing store; hollister.
music; rap.
artist; lil wayne.
sport; soccer.

finish later <3

Quotes by HollisterCali213

I don’t  like you  as

Much  as  you  think  I do.  No, the way I

look at you in the hallway is just a look.

It  has  nothing  to do  with the fact that I

mis  you   so   much .  The   truth  is,

I love you more than you’ll  ever know .

im not sure what you
see   in  her.  She’s  rude,  she’s  bossy.
she  makes  you  carry  her  things. I’m
nothin like  her. So  is that why you like
her so much? Is it because she’s got the
blond      hair       and      blue      eyes?
or    is    it    because   she’s   not   me?

whenever you  look a her
she can't help but wonder if you miss her as much
as she misses you. i bet you didn't know she liked
someone  else  for  a while. did you care? or were
still   in   "love"   with   that  girl  who  never even

l i k e d          -          -            -           y o u  ?

All she really wants is for you to finally get the nerve to say how you really feel about her.
That way, when you look at her,
she's not still second guessing what you really mean.

No, not again.
This time, when you decide she's not good enough, you can't run back to me.
I'm not going to be there, hun.
I'm not little miss-on-the-rebound.
I'm not here for your pleasure; and for the first time ever, that's
today has been the worst day since…yesterday .

you really got your hold on me
but you want nothing to do with me
I don't know what to do with you
cause you don't know what you do to me

&& i wonder what he's thinking when
'--> his eyes cross mine©a
We haven't met, & that's okay©
[[cause you will be asking for me one day]]
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