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Hey, I'm Allie. ‹3
I'm 13 years-old, but I'll be 14 on June 6. And I'm also an 8th grader. :D
I love soccer and being with my friends. I'm the type of girl who doesn't really care what others
think or say about me behind my back or to my face. I can stay strong for a while, but each night,
I break down and lose it all unless I'm texting my best friends or my guy friends.
Imake wishes off of Birthday candles and at 11:11, I try to accomplish things while time is
still on the microwave, and a lot of times when I walk into a room,
I'll forget why I'm there. When I'm tired I get really hyper
and stuff and I have too much energy to get rid of. Um, I laugh at everything
(ex. Someone falling down the stairs) and when I try to explain something funny that
happened while I'm laughing, I laugh even more so you can't understand me.
I can be outgoing at times, but not obnoxious. I'm shy around new people and
I think everyone secretly hates me, they just pretend they don't. I'm a skinny blonde with
a passion to do whatever I feel like doing. :) So yeah. Uh. Bye.

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