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Quotes by HometownHero

I didn't love my self enough
to let you love me.

You build up a world of magic
Beacuse your real life is so tragic


Of course

i like you ,you're you.

(format credit OneDirection/NMF)

I'm not used
to people caring about me.

There was this girl; a beautiful girl; in love with someone who wouldn't give her the time of day.This girl was funny,smart and horribly sarcastic. And yet,she spent her time believing that she was none of those things,because a person who didn't derserve her couldn't see how great she really is.

I eat flowers
because you are what you eat
and i want to be beautiful.


It   take 30  seconds  to  type  a  text  message

That will make her smile for hours.



                                                                              I don't know how to love you.



I see you're trying to talk,

but I'm deaf to lies


He's the king of mixed signals and she's the the queen of second thoughts.