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I'm Nick guys.
I know, this profile has a lot of crap from when I was a kid and "in love". 
Turns out, the man I was "In love" with is a selfish, low, self absorbed, controlling monster. Maybe he'll see this, that'd be cool, huh? 
anywho, out with the bad, (the very VERY bad), and in with the great. The very, very great. <3
I'm in a healthier, better relationship with another man. I'm happy, and I get to live my life without chains. How awesome is that?? :D
I've survived anorexia, cutting, and so much more. The moral here is, YOU CAN DO THIS.
This isn't the end. This is just the start. 
I love you all, and thank you for being you. 
Love always,

Quotes by Honnabee

Hey everybody! (:
It's been so long since I've been here. I remember when I first made a Witty! How awesomesauce! :D
Since I've been gone, I've broken up with that monster of a boyfriend. 
If he's going to control you, tell you what to do, say, act, think, wear, and so on, HE ISN'T WORTH IT. Trust me. Anywho, I've gotten into a much healthier, more relaxing relationship with a much better man. 

Since I've been gone, I've won a battle VS. Anorexia, Depression, and a very low self esteem. But what happened?
That's right. I made it through, just like the rest of you can. I know you've all got the fight in you. 
All in all, thank you for your ongoing support, and your forever lasting love.
Remember, you're worth it.
Love you all always. 

and who else remembers when
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and not

not even kidding, true story completely.

User: I trade my soul for a wish.

Cleverbot: Pennies and dime for a kiss.

User: I wasnt looking for this.

Cleverbot: You spelled 'nothing' wrong.

User: No no nooo! You messed it up!
Cleverbot: How come?
User: Dont ask me your the ruiner!
Cleverbot: I looked to you as it fell.
User: And now your in m way!
Cleverbot: I trade my soul for a wish.
User: Pennies and dimes for a kiss!
Cleverbot: I wasn't looking for this.
User: And now your in my way!
Cleverbot: Your stare is holding.
User: Ripped jeans skin was showing!
Cleverbot: Hot night, wind was blowin'.
Cleverbot: Hey, I just met you.
Cleverbot: But here's my number!
Cleverbot: Before you came into my life.
Cleverbot: And you should know that.
User: I missed you soo soo bad.
Cleverbot: So call me, maybe?
Cleverbot: I love you too


when 10 year old girls tell their "boyfriends" they love them.

and your just like, "no." 


90% of people marry their
7th - 12th grade love

Since you have read this, you will be toldgood news tonight.
If you don't repost this, your worst week starts now

when your eating popcorn,
and you use your tongue to pick them up :)

    so last night,
             me and the boy of my most possibly best dreams had a date together.
he came to my house after school, and helpped me with some of the boxes we used to move in, then, he picked me up and kissed me as if to say "dont ever let go". after we were done, my dogs new owner came to pick her up, and as i said my last goodbye to her, i started to cry, pretty bad too. he pulled me aside and told me that it was ok, and she would be happy there, and kissed my forehead and made me smile by ticklng me .:) then we went to the movies together, and he took me to see the vow, and he held me the whole time. and to top it all off, on the way home, he had me lay on his shoulder and i fell asleep, and when he noticed, he kissed the top of my nose and rubbed my stomach, just like my nana did when i had bad dreams:)<3
soo, who is this boy?
my fiance. :)<3
forever and always<3:) 
ill be your bestriend if somebody tells me what 
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i love witty right now:)<3