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So I have been asked by my best friend a question. And I want other people’s opinions on this. She has been madly in love with this guy for five years. He is one of our best friends, and last year they told each other they had feelings for each other. They never officially dated, and still aren’t, but they are close. As time goes on, she feels he has been pulling away, and he isn’t as communicative as he used to be with her. Then this other guy came along (who, quite frankly is the male version of her, a perfect match) and they have become really good friends over the last few months. She thinks he is going to ask her out, and she wants to know if it is time she gives up on the first guy, who she is in love with, for a chance with the new guy, who her feelings aren’t as strong for (yet) but the seem like the perfect match?

I need a guy in my life, 
who is willing to treat me right.
I don't know what that feels like.
I have been through so much crap, 
I don't know what is like
to be treated like someone who matters.

When did everything,
(School, life, friends)
Get so complicated?
Can I go back to how it was,
In the simpler times? 
Just for a day?
I miss it...
I love him.
But I knew we would never happen.
I have wasted too many years
Loving him when he never loved me.
I needed to get over him.
So I moved.
I thought, maybe
If I moved he will leave my mind.
I wouldn't think about him.
Now I just think about him more. 
I love him.
And now I am thinking
That move was the biggest mistake
Of my life.
I miss him,
I love him,
And I might be missing the one thing I want in life.
I love him.
A lot. 
Last night I had a dream.
I had a rare lung disease
There was a surgery I could have. 
There was a 75% chance of dying on the table.
I went in thinking the worst.
With my last hours,
I called him. 
I told him I loved him.
I go in to surgery, and I survived.
I woke up and he was there waiting. 
This was all dream, but 
If my unconscious mind dreams
I love him this much
Just think how much
My conscious mind loves him.
Loving someone
Who doesn't love you
Can be the worst feeling in the world.
And yet here I am,
Years later, 
Talking to you.
Acting like nothing has changed.
But on the inside, 
My heart feels torn. 
Whether to stay on that hope, 
Or give up.
"Take your records,
Take your freedom.
Take your memories,
I don't need them.
Take your space and
Take your reasons,
But you'll think of me.
Take your cap and 
leave my sweater,
'Cause we have nothing left to weather.
In fact I'll feel a whole lot better,
But you'll think of me."

~ Keith Urban,
You'll think of me

"I swear
by the moon
and the stars in the sky.
I'll be there.
I swear
Like the shadow
that's by your side.
I'll be there.
For better or worse.
'Till death do us part.
I'll love you
with every beat of my heart
I swear"

~ I Swear,
John Micheal Montgomery

"I could love you like that,
I could give you my world.
Move heaven and Earth,
If you were my girl.
I could give you my heart,
be all that you need.
Show that you're everything
thats special to me.
If you give me a chance,
I could love you like that."

~ John Micheal Montgomery,
I Could Love You Like That ~

To love someone is to
find flaws
go on a emotional rollercoaster

and still want to spend
every minute you can
with them.
Your brain might think it is work
but your heart thinks
This is what I could never live without.