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I see you're on my profile now, welcome! c: I shall introduce myself: My name is René (no, it isn't Lucy, I just love this name),I come from a very small, but beautifulcountry called The Netherlands a.k.a Holland. I'm a weirdo, I just warned you before you start talking to me :p I don't actually have a hobby, but it will probably staring to the screen from my computer. I don't sport, I'm a lazy ass. I like drawing and gaming and listening to music.I just can't stop listening to dubstep it sounds great to my ears c: I'm a nerd, I do Gymnasium which is the highest level on school in my country. I'm proud of myself. I'm not very social,I'm very bad at communicating :c
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Quotes by HopefulLucy

There's no "u" in awesome,
but there's a me.



Spongebob: Just admit it squidward, you've never experienced true love.
Squidward: *starts to cry*
Spongebob: BUT! That doesn't mean you'll never find it.

                                       Brother: I need to talk to you.
                             Me: *thinks: Omg... What did I do? Maybe it's not about me, but about him.*
                             Brother: I'll tell you when mom is gone
                             Me: Okay, but is it something about you?
                             Brother: No, It's about you.
                             Me: *remembers every single thing I did wrong in my whole life*

                                      True story. Lol happens every single time when someone says "I need to talk to you"


                             Me: *sees spider*

                             Me: Stay there spider!

                             Me: *keeps staring so it won't move*

                             Me: *turns head*

                             Spider: *moves away fast*

                             Spider: I'm gonna kill you when you're asleep


                              Me and my brother watching a movie:

You know what I thought that was?
                              Me: *gives him 'the look'*
                              Brother: Yeah,I thought the same


I'm looking really pretty today.
                              Me: *looks at mirror*
                              Me: Okay, nevermind.


Press any key to continue
                              Mom: Where is the any key?! 
                              Me: *sigh*

*watching the olympics*
                              Me: I'm so untalented

                        Friends: *always looking beautiful*
                              Me: I'm a potato look-alike

                        Me: *sees an insect* Ohh, it's just another insect.
                              Insect: *moves*
                              Me: Holy crap! It moves!