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Hey witty! First off let me say that this isnt my first account. I actually joined in like February. Second, I know my profile isnt very pretty right now, but it will be very soon! I made this account in dedication to my favorite band ever, Blood On The Dance FloorWhich includes Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe, the sexiest guys ever! X3Haha anyways, follow me, I follow back. I also give out free candy. *gives candy*SONG LYRICS TIME!!!-Horrifically DeliciousI Become AddictedKiss Me One More Time Just Like You Wanted!!! Glitter Photos
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Quotes by HorrificallyDelicious

The awkward moment
When someone goes
'I love American accents'
and you're like
'What accent?'
Because you dont think of it
As an accent
That awkward moment
When your just sitting there
Bored out of your mind
And you end up cleaning out your nails
Like, 'how did that get in there!?'
Me: okay think of something awesome to put as a quote
Me: hmm
Me: *writes out quote*
Me: no, that sucks
Me: *erases*
Me: just do something random
Me: okay
Me: *writes something stupid and random*
Me: close enough
Me: *submits*
Quote: 2faves 0comments
Me: yup that sounds about right.
That frustrating moment
when your in a fight on youtube
And all of a sudden its like
'Too many comments
please wait before posting'
All these buckets of rain
Ive heard enough about
You say that I lie
I am a gentlemen
Didn't I ask for a place I could stay
What were we both thinkin'
The next part just got in the way
You were just always talkin' 'bout
Changing, changing,
What if I was the
Same man, same man,
Same that I always was
Friend: I have Boyfriend by JB stuck in my head. You should sing it with me
Me: uhh... okay...
Friend: You start...
Me: uhh... okay...
Me: *thinking* okay... boyfriend lyrics
Me: *thinking* your boy boy b-b-boy b-b-boyfriend
Me: *thinking* no, that's big time rush!
Me: *thinking* well I can remember what the other one is
Me: *thinking* okay, just sing the btr one and see if she notices
Me: You're lookin' for a boyfriend, I see that...
Friend: seriously.
Me: *awkward smile*
Friend: *facepalm*
You know you're a teenager
when you and your best friend
are playing webkinz together.
so legit.
okay, so, uh
like 98% of you wont care
but i told a few people id talk to them when i got back from camp
an i kinda forgot who
soooo yeahhh
this is for those people
message me i shall reply asap
even if you wernt one of them X3
k... that is all
you may keep reading now
la la la la
la la la la
elmos world!
Okay guys,
so thanks to my very awesome new friend
(because the internet is the only place i have friends)
i have descovered the band
Marianas Trench
and im telling you about it because
theyre awesome
like really, really awesome
and i think you guys will like them
even you directioners
so give them a chance? ^_^