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Quotes by HorseRozeGlue

Reasons to Smile #5
When someone asks you to smile for a picture, they don't like it when you frown. Y
My friend: *Lights a cigarette* Do you want  some?

Me: Ask me again when you get diagnosed with lung cancer.

Reasons to Smile #4   

There is no shame in smiling, but there is shame in frowning. Y

Reasons to Smile # 3:
25 years from now, you will look at yourself in the mirror and ask, "Are these frown lines?"
Reasons to smile #2
You have to use 42 muscles to frown, but it only takes 17 muscles to smile. Y
Reasons to smile #1
Because a smile is
5,000 times more beautiful than a frown. Y

On the inside:
It's tearing you up. It's breaking your heart. You're wondering how you can still breathe.
On the outside:
Oh...I'm fine.

While you are just sitting there
five baby girls are born, fifty people are being killed, five hundred men are making a discovery, five thousand criminals are hurting others, and there are fifteen thousand victims.
Why are you still sitting there?

when we were young...
it was easy to say no.


like if you love your mom repost or shell die at 11.

Sorry, guys! I'm not risking this... I love my mom!!