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Quotes by Hottiexoxo

have another drink and drive yourself home
i hope there's ice on all the roads
and you can think of me when you forget your seatbelt
and again when your head goes through the windshield

im me for cute editz.
[best friends forever], that's how we'll remain
through the drama, problems && all sorts of pain.
through hardships & troubles && all we go through
i know for sure we'll always [stay true].
i'll risk everything I have, i'll fight till i bleed
[give you] my own life, if that's what you need.

im me for cute editz.
. ..I learned that the greatest thing about high school isnt the parties or the drinking or the hook-ups..It's the friendships which means taking chances. I learned that sometimes the things we want to forget are the things which we most need to talk about. I learned that letters from friends are the most important thing, & that sending cards to your friends makes you feel better. But, basically, I just learned that my friends both OLD & NEW Are the most important people to me in the world & without them, I wouldn't be who I am today. So this is a thank you to all of my friends. For always being there & I love you

im me for cute editz.
I'm no where near perfect. I believe too many lies.
& Keep hoping one day I won't be faking a smile.
I live by quotes and lyrics that explain exactly
what I'm going through. I have my bestfriends,
my enimies my drama and my momories. Im just me.

im me for cute editz.
she's the kind of girl who forget about
as soon as you meet. she is the b-side
to your hit-single ;;the crust on the bread
every face you`ve ever forgotten
she is the verse to that song on the radio
the one have to hum along with
because you cant remember the words
yeah. she's that forgettable
but broken hearts & backstabbing drama
couldnt touch this girl
she's so far beyond that

im me for cute editz
keep it coming, keep on breaking my heart
i can take it, it's been years && yet here i am ;
asking you to love me just one last time;
keep adding to the chapters of our disaster ;
i mean nothing to you, why would it matter?
mistakes, tears, lies.. those are the ingredients
to our one last heartbreak ; mix it up
baby just like the songs we used to sing

im me for cute editz.
light that smoke, that one for giving up on
me &&' another one just 'cause they'll kill
you sooner than my expectations ;; to my
favorite liar .. to my favorite scar, i hope
you choke on those words, that kiss &&'
that bottle .. now ash yourself out on the
insides ;; yeah, i said i loved you but i lied

im me for cute editz.
I miss you.
You may never understand how much i miss you sometimes
but just remember that you are everything to me.
i know we aren't even together
but if you would ever walk away
i don't know how i would handle myself.
Everyday i look forward to when you are coming home
& when i get to see you. That is what keeps me going..
knowing that i am going to see you again.

im me for cute editz.
it struck a nerve,`nd it hit a vein you`d think
from all the tears i cried this broken hearted
pain i wouldn`t have to carry you around with
me but it seems like everywhere i go somebody
wants to know where ya been..`nd are ya comin
back again i swear..i can`t take you anywhere..

use it for cute editz er just to talk.
&& this is so difficult for the
both of us ; i know we tried so
hard, there's just no hope for us.
well it's more than a shame that
we lost to this game ; all my walking,
talking, sleeping, breathing,nothing
will ever be the same </3

im me for cute editz.