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-December 27th.
-Missing my mamaw. Screw cancer.

Quotes by HowieD4

"what are dates?"

"big raisins that make you poop."

-rugrats in paris.
Holidays without you

Everyone around is so joyous,
Preparing for the holidays to come.
But there is something missing,
Ever since you’ve gone.
I have to do things without you,
Even though I wish I did not.
Holidays without you
Are getting really hard.
Another year has come and gone,
And more are yet to come.
Another year without you,
I guess you’re really gone.
I can’t help but wonder,
What you’re doing up above.
Or what it’s like
To spend your holidays with God.
You’re having the best time of all,
Better than all of us down here.
We really miss you deeply,
Happy Holidays to you my dear.
Me: Is this the Krusty Krab?

Cleverbot: No, this is Patrick.

Me: Is this Patrick?

Cleverbot: No! This is the krusty krab!

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You went away,
how dare you,
I miss you.
They say I'll be okay,
but I'm not going to
ever get over you.
You're just a boy, and you dont understand..
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Awkward eye contact with
someone who used to
mean the world
to you.