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Hey I'm Huda(: 14. Single.
I love music, and books
Austin Mahone&The Janoskians for life.


'It's better to fail in originality
than to succeed in imitation' 
- Conor Maynard


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What do you think for the Dirty Mic and the Boys album cover!!! (Taken with instagram)
They mean the world to me<3

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Quotes by HudaMan23

She captures her reflection then she throws the mirror to the floor. Her image is distorted screaming, "Is it worth it anymore?"
Just so you guys know... I call dibs on

Conor Maynard
Anth Melo 
Jack Maynard(:
I Can see that you're sad
even when you smile even when you laugh
I can see it in your eyes
deep inside you wanna cry


Push this generation of kids to
stand and fight,for the right.
To say something you might not like

Someone please just go to my page and tell me if they hear music?
please and thank youuuu
If you love me, SAY IT
If you trust me, DO IT
If you want me, SHOW IT
If you need me, PROVE IT

Okay so my friends girlfriend broke up with him just now...Erm how are you suposed to help a guy get over a break up? HELP! 

Ways  to get over someone?

What color is his hair? Auburn
What style is it? Short and either pushed back or spiked in the front
What color are his eyes? Brown
Cute smile? Yup
Braces? No
Glasses? No
Abs? Yeah<3
Height? around 5"8
What grade is he in? Not in school
How did you meet him?Are families know eachother so one day when I was like 4 we went to visit them
How long have you known him? Since I was 4
Does he play any sports? Yeah
Can he play the guitar? No
What about any other music instrument? No
Do you guys ever text? Yeahh
Describe something he would wear on a typical day: Skinny jeans,t-shirt and a jacket over
What's your favorite thing you've seen him wear? no erm his jean jacket and stripe shirt
Where you're able to see his tattoos and abs: He has no tattoos and yes I've seen his abs
Tattoos? No
Least favorite thing about him? Welp he is always with this one girl and telling her he loves her...
Do your friends know that you like him? If we are together don't you think my friends would know I like him?
D0 you think your parents would like him if you were dating him? We are dating and yeah they like himHave you met his parents? Yup!