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I love my boyfriend so much.
I want to be with him.
I don't doubt that.
But every single day,
It gets me.
It tugs at my gut.
It knots my stomach.
It twists my heart in a million directions.
I'm still so in love with you.
And it haunts me everyday.

Girls, read this. 
I know there are times when we feel so alone, and we've got no way to let our feelings out. And I love being there for people in those times. Honestly, if anybody ever needs anything, I'll be here no matter what.
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So if anyone ever needs anything, just hit me up and I'll be there, for anyone of you.

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The awkward moment when, 
One of your closest's friend's dad lives in Germany,
And he might move back there to live with him for a while.
Not to mention, 
You're madly in love with this boy.
Yep, awkward.
I miss the smell of your clothes, when you held me.
And I hate how I can't feel your hair tickle my face, when we hug.
I miss tracing the lines on your palm and feeling the little hairs on your knuckle.
I can still hear the sound of your voice and the feel sincerity of your smile.
I still smell the happiness in the air, that lingered when you laughed.
I can remember the secret language we spoke with our eyes.
And how we told each other a story with one look.
I want you back. 
Where did you go?

Please, please tell me,
"It will all be okay in the morning."
Is it bad that, when I talk to you I miss you even more?
I miss you so much; it hurts.
But what hurts even worse...
Is the fact that you don't miss me back.
Not even a little bit, not even close, not even at all.

Every time I see you, even for a second I flip out. It’s like my body flips a switch and turns a furnace on. My heart starts beating at the speed of light, and I break a sweat in places that shouldn’t even see sweat. My body ignites, and blood rushes into my face causing it to get red hot, like no other. I start breathing heavily, hyperventilating if you’re close for too long. It get so bad, I find myself gasping for air like an astronaut who just entered space without an oxygen tank. I shiver, and I shake. Chills crawl down my spine, and goosebumps arise on every part of my body. I get terribly nauseous even on an empty stomach, and I need to continue swallowing to keep my diaphragm from contracting in an upward motion. A burning sensation appears in my abdomen, and tingles distribute throughout my entire body. Everywhere I go, you’re there; somehow. When you’re not with me, I wish you were. I miss you, near or far. No matter where we are, or what we’re doing you’re always on my mind. Even when I’m trying so hard to keep you out of my thoughts, you find away to crawl back into them. My brain tortures me, I swear. It searches for a way to link everything I see and do to you. A tree, can somehow make me think of you; and I don’t know why. I'm fixated on you like a mosquito on a porch light. I want to get over you so bad, but I can’t; I’m trying so hard and I have been for the longest time; but I can’t and I feel like I never will. You’re part of me now. If you were gone, it would feel like someone reached into me and ripped out a chunk, and I would feel naked because some of me was no longer there. I’ve liked you since the second I saw you, and if I ever get to admitting it, that was love at first sight. I’ve never lost an ounce of my feelings for you, and I don’t think I will anytime soon. Your smile can light up the city on a pitch black night. I’m lost, in the middle of the sea without a life raft, and no way out; and I’m scared. To be honest, I’m terrified; fully. I don’t know of what, but I am. I'm in love with you, and I'm too scared to admit it even to myself.