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Quotes by IAMLEEH

When ever You FeEl SaD JusT RemembeR That SoMewheRe in The WorLD ThERe's An IdiOt PuLLing A "Push" DooR
We live in an era of S M A R T phones and S T U P I D people
Seeing Your Ex Going The Same Crap He Put You Through •••Well Done Karma •••
That awesome moment when you come across your ex and you absolutely nothing
I wish I was a Robot..no feelings no nothing!!!
My Prince Is Not Coming On A White Horse But On a Turtle That's Why Its Taking Long For Us To Be Together **patiently waiting**
You'll Never Know Who would Love the Person You Hide *be yourself*
We're Such Good Lawyers When it Comes to our Mistakes But Such Good Judges When It Comes To oTher Peoples' Mistakes
I told him I love him and he said "T h a n k s b u d d y!" :(
At least Even For A little While I Was The Reason Behind Your Smile ..