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Sweets are the best when it hurts ♥
Baby you better have a license, cause you're driving me crazy!


Can Bob the builder fix my grades?
    I saw two twin babies. One had a shirt that said 'Copy' the other 'Paste'
That made my day.
    I wish I was a cat because the fatter you are, more people will like you.

        ____━━____━┗|:::::|。◕‿‿ ◕。|
                                        ____━━____━━ ╰O–O-O–O                                      
I used to watch TV, read the paper, and listen to the radio. Now I watch the Internet, read the Internet, and listen to the Internet.

  If Spongebob is the main character, why is Patrick the star?
Hold on. Pain ends.  
PESSIMIST: Dark tunnel.
OPTIMIST: Light at the end of the tunnel.
REALIST: A freight train.
TRAIN OPERATOR: 3 idiots standing on the tracks.  
Witty Addiction Disorder.

  I have a life, it's just that 90% of the time it involves my bed and Witty.                

  Instead of saying LOL, I'm gonna say SALTS
(Smiled A Little Then Stopped)
It's more truthful.
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