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Quotes by ICryHappyTears

Somebody told me
that you had a boy
friend who looks like
a girlfriend i had in
february of last year
its not confidential
i got potenitial

somebody told me by the killer
another awesome song
ø´¨`» her name is noelle
i had a dream about her
she rings my belll i got gym
class in half and hour
oh how she rocks in keds and
tube socks and she doesnt
give a damm about me
cause im just a teenage dirtbag baby
yah im just a teenage dirtbag
baby listen to iron maiden
baby with me «´¨`ø

teenage dirtbag by wheatus
the most awesome song
x0x0x0x tric
Learn To Laugh With The Crowd

dont take credit made by tric and lanette bffl
<3 Tric
Since Bruce Springsteen, Madonna
way before Nirvana
there was U2 and Blondie
and music still on MTV
her two kids in high school
they tell her that she’s uncool
'cause she still preoccupied
with 19, 19, 1985
-1985 ... Bowling For Soup

One of The Best Songs In The World
watchin him love her ... is like writing his name on a window ... and watchin it fade away

original use dont take credit
x0x0 </3 Tric
almost everyone acts like they hate drama ...
----> and usually their the ones who create it

original use dont take credit
x0x0 <3Tric
»»To Bad Tears Can't Make You Pretty ...
If They Could Id Be Beautiful««

i had no idea where to put this
´¯`•.» Live Life To The Fullest ... Because You Only Live So Long
·×»the only guy who
deserves yu
thinks he doesnt‹·º
tRue sTrEnGtH iS bEiNg aBlE t0 h0lD iT aLl t0gEtHeR
wEn eVeRy0nE iS eXpEcTiNg y0u t0 fAll [ a P a R t . ]

not takn credit