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Quotes by ICryHappyTears

*:.If you live to be 100, I want to be 100 minus one day,.:*
*:. that way I'll never have to be without yall.:*

not takn credit
<3 yu all Tric
Only If ...
The Sky Was Red
Everything Would Change ...
Only If ...
The One Yu Loved Loved Yu Bakk
Only If ...
Everyone Was Rich
Only If ...
The Was Not A Thing Called Death
Only If ...
Miracles Could Happen

my original
yu can use it juss dont take credit
sumtimes yu just gotta figure out
that if he doesnt care.. yure missin
out on sumbody that does.. </3

not takn credit
looks realy good in tahoma
summer tans fade ...
but the memories last

not takn credit
surfers smile sexy ...
so smile sufer style

lol meg i love that! made by my bffl megan
i see ya walkin in da hall u neva say yo*i say hi to ya and ure like WOE*i reele like ya babii i reele do*but u anly think of me as an old shoe*i reele like u man more than i like to dance*i think ure HOTT*u think im totaly not*I LYK (whoever yu like here) A LOT!!

lol megg awesome poem ... made my my bffl Megan
yu MaKe mY HeaRt fEel sumThin
it'z NeVa feLt bEforE aNd
EveryTime I sEe yOu I faLL
iN L0vE a Lil biT MoRe <3

no takn credit
everyOnes gOnna hurt yOu
SoOner .Or. Later yOu just have
tO decide [wHOs] worth gOing
-->>ThrOugh <-- the p a i n..

not takn credit
You Make Me Smile In The *SpECiAl* Kind Of Way
Make Me Fall Deeper In Love Each Day
Its Never Gonna End Cuz We*re MEANT to Be Together
Your*re All I Need In This World...
Just Me and You...Now And Forever :)

not takn credit