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Goodbye, Witty.
today marks my third year anniversary of being on this website. over the years i've grown to love witty with all my heart, but i think now is my time to leave, and since it's my 3ed year anniversary i thought now would be a good time.. i love witty. i've seen so much of this website and been through all the witty dramas; brandoncyrus, when witty almost shut down cause of the swearing, jamesbrass, the death of framingmatthew, the one direction spam, all of it. and i got to see some of the best top quoters in witty profiles history; marissa123, jayciecutie01, akk3165, hannahlovesxox, Jade672, DamnnTaylerx, ohhshanappp, xoalicecullenxo and ThatsSoMeee. most of these wittians have left, and i truly hope they're all doing alright, even though i never really talked to any of them. i also met a lot of lovely people on witty, i made some really great friendships. the ones who i got pretty close with would be confessions_of_a_cutter, SalladCrazyy, sparkly_rain_bows321, Mascara, dakotashine and lexidanielle_xo. i love these girls, and even though i don't talk to any of them anymore, they'll always have a piece of my heart. and two of which i even got to actually meet in person, and it was pretttty exciting.
i also want to give a little shoutout to my absolute favourite wittian ever, crimsonxrose. we never really became friends, i've just complimented her writing 105180571 times. her poetry is absolutely perfect, and i hope one day i write as good as her. she's truly my inspiration to write more and write better.  you should check her out, because her quotes are breathtaking. some of them leave me speachless, and if you have good taste in poetry, it'll happen to you too. i hope you're doing well, crimsonxrose, and i hope you continue to write because you could go far with your amazing poetry.
i'd also like to thank one of my old friends, Vicky, for showing me witty. we don't really talk that much anymore, which makes me sad, but thank you for showing me witty.
and although i adore this website so much.. i have to say, i'm sick of it. it's just not the same anymore. top quotes used to get 2000, and 1000 faves, now they get 100 faves at the most.. and i have to say, witty has been taken over by immature little girls, and it's no longer a place i belong in. good wittians are a rare species nowadays. it makes me really sad, and i hope that witty will come alive again someday.
and of course, Steve, thank you so much. thank you for making this website, and working hard to improve it and keeping it running. you're amazing. it must get tiring sometimes, running a website for teenager girls. i hope you have a great life, Steve. thank you.
well, witty, i guess this is it.. but even though i'm done with witty,
i'll always be a wittian. goodbye.


            we think we want to end our lives,
                                             >>    when really, we just want to start living them.

I was going to write a poem
about the pain,
and the sorrow,
and the greif,
I feel from losing you.
but I remain in shock;
utterly speachless.


Loving you has been the best,
and the worst thing that has ever happened to me.


i'm sad who wants to be my friend 

there isn't one thing in this world that i want more than to kiss you, let you hold me, and sleep for hours under warm blankets on a rainy sunday afternoon


So many miles,
so many buildings,
so many cities,
so many provinces,

so many lakes,
so many oceans,
so many people,
so many things
are holding you
so far away
from me



i promise to hold you on your darkest days,
i promise hug you when you're lonely,
i promise to kiss you when you feel empty,
i promise to sleep with you when you're tired,
i promise to f.uck you when you get h.orny,
i promise to give you space when you need it,
i promise to comfort you when you can't handle it anymore,
i promise to take care of you, and treat you right,
i promise to be faithful to you, and be yours only,
i promise to love you with my all my heart,
and make this relationship work 


i don't want to burden you with my sadness
                       SO I'LL JUST PRETEND IT'S NOT THERE 

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tonight, there is nothing left to do but to  drown in my own sorrow