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Quotes by IGotTheFacts

Fact #12-
Did You Know?
That If You Fave This Quote The Chances Of It Becoming A Top Quote Increase? Dont Believe Me? Try it!

Fact #11-
almost everybody who reads this quote will try to lick their elbow.
Fact #10-
The Electric Chair Was Invented By A Dentist. hmm.... thats why everybody is scared of them

FACT #10-
1 out of every 800 americans are COLOR Blind.
I want to see if this is true.
Comment the

Color of the word Color. or fave if its red.

Fact #9-
On Average, Women Say 7,000 words per day. WHILE MEN ONLY SAY ABOUT 2,000.

Fact #8-
You Can't Think Of An English Word To Rhyme With The Word "Month" Because There Isn't One... 
now fave this quote if you started making up words.

Fact #7-
Birth Control Pills Disigned For Humans, Also Work On Gorillas...
how do they know this o.o.

Fact #6-
The Average Human Eats Up To 4 Spiders A Year.

Fact #5-
The Average North American Will Eat 35,000 Cookies During Their Life...

Fact #4-
  People are More likely to tilt their heads to the Right when kissing.
Fave for Right, Comment for Left.