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 Whats a king bed
without a queen

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New year doesn't mean new you;
New attitue means

New you


 How am I meant to help others

when i can't even help myself?
Read this story I'm writing?;)
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A Second Chance.




Used to walk hand in hand ,

Thought you'd be my husband
Left me lying in the sand, I got back up,so now I stand..

Hey I just met you
And this is crazy.
But here's my W I T T Y
so follow maybe?;)

I t s  c a l l e d  f a c e b o o k ,

N o t   b o o b o o k
So next time you take a photo, try and get your face in it.

Would you wear socks if you had no feet?


Then why do you wear a bra?

I wonder how much boys would freak

Out if they saw how much girls actually ate.