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Hi my names Hayley, im 16 I like to try everything really random and quite boring actually i love youth street but i can never go >.< i LOVE BVB , breaking benjamin, ASKING ALEXANDRIA<3<3<3<3 and Bullet For My Valentine <3 i usually wear jeans and a shirt and Friends mean alot to me they get me through my problems and i love them so much :) thats about it. RAWR!


Just back off before i snap..

and im scared because your going to hurt me sooner or later and i dont think i will be able to handle my heart being broken again..

This isnt a bakery..
so please.. put your muffin top away.. :p

Someone makes a status about you on facebook saying how pathetic you are for saying your worthless and telling 2 people you want to die and saying how your attention seeking..
gee thanks for making me feel even worse..
ever think that im actually struggling for a reason to live and that im actually having a hard time..ever think that words like that could push me over the edge..
you know what i bet you did..and if i did in fact if i killed myself im not even sure if you would feel bad..

Worst feeling when..
The person you want..doesn't want you -_-

I hate life..i hate living..i hate myself..i hate alot of people right now..
but i mostly just hate me..
The moment when all you want to do is jump off a bridge but then that one person just makes your whole day better :3

that moment when a girl in your class tells you your ex was hitting on her -_-

when you have a dream that everything was good again..and then you realise it was only a dream and you have to go back to your stupid life where everythings crap -_-