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 im walkinqq around my block on a rainy night. im textinqq my boyfriend&bestfriendd. im as happy as can bee<3.   they stop textinqq me and i start to get sadd = [. my boyfriendd text me sayin " im so sorry but were done" i say back " why what happened" he never answers back. i call my bestfriend cryin & she says what happened. i say idont know wht happened. and hang up. (soo sad cant even talk.) she texts me. guess wht?!?! i say what? she goes im qoinqq out with mike. i say "mike, my ex-boyfriend" she says "yes". i dont text back. im cryin my eyes out i lost the boy  i lovedd and my bestfriend. i sit in the middle of the road. my dad&mom come drivinq to look for me. when they find me they say are you ok baby? i say yes im fine with a fake smile. we get home i run into my room starvinqq & cryinn. i lay on bed&doors locked. mom says can i come in. i say no goodnight. In the mornin i have like 20 texts from my ex&ex-bestfriend. i delet them and say to myself whatever if they truly loved me they woodnt do this. For the next week i just wanna die&i hated my life.

*****did this ever happen to uu?*****

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Chris brown We still  love you <33