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Quotes by ILikePotatoes

Me;Urghhh,lets play a game!
Friend:Whats it called
Me:(Looks around  room)Urghh, Alpha.....Cure Mum!
Mw:Say that to all your freinds and you get a prize!

New years resolution:

StAy AwEsOmE !

AnD StAy A SiNgLe PrInGlE
What if the new Miley wasn't her

but her cousin

My Graduation Speech

"F/ck you,f/ck you,Youre cool,f/ck you."
Forget the haters only
GOD can judge us
-Miley Cyrus
My friend:"I just hate grammer nazis!"
Me:"Um.....actually grammar is spelt  with an A!"
My friend:"WTF B**CH!"
-Ryan Higa
Boy who I hate touches me:"Oh sorry!"

Me:"WTF B*****D! You just assaulted me!
Taught me that the real monsters are humans
if thats not deep the I dont know what is