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-The name is Lexi.♥
-asdfghjkl :3 I am very random! :)
-I love music♥.
~T-Mills; Mac Miller; Mayday Parade; Panic! At the Disco; Falling in Reverse; Papa Roach; Avenged Sevenfold; Sleeping with Sirens; Aerosmith; Alex Goot. <--just to name a few♥
-I have a best guy friend named; Aaron♥ & a best "girl friend" Alyia♥ .
-I LOVE colors. If something is just black & white, i need to add color to it :) .


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House Of Beauty,

You're talkin' to the cutie!

How may I help you? (:
So I finally let go Witty. I left him behind and I am over him. I will always remember our memories and such a good time we had together.  But it really is time to move on. I will always love him and he will always have a place in my heart. But its time to get someone new. 
-091511, </3 
i just want you to make me feel wanted. i want you to take my chin and pull it up to you and kiss me with as much passion as you use too. i want to be able to give you the butterflies that you give me. i wish you would atleast act like your happy to see me. i just want you to be as happy with me as i am with you. i wish you would keep calling me baby and babygirl and babydoll, instead of calling me nothing at all. you used to everyday, thats how i know your happy with me. and the way you act some days , makes me not want to be with you, but then you say "i love you" and some how i dont feel that way anymore and want to be with you again. i just want to feel safe in your arms again and feel loved. because you are the only person who made me feel loved in this world thats so cold. <//3
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I really love you,

I dont think I can trust you.
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That feeling when your looking through old photos on your computer & you come across old pictures of you and your ex's.
I just did that today & my stomach dropped because I don't even talk to them anymore..
Hey you!
Yeah you,
Put down that bottle,
or blade,
or rope.
& listen to me.
You girl are BEAUTIFUL!
You boy are HANDSOME as can be!
Don't let someone that doesn't matter ruin your happiness or your dreams.
It gets better.
I know what your thinking..
"she doesn't know what I'm going through.."
but trust me i DO.
I have attempted suicide twice..
& the little voice in the back of my head was SCREAMING at me to just get it over with. that i was worthless.
but then i heard this other voice.. this tiny whisper,
telling me not to do it..
then i saw this glimpse of light & i knew, that i was better than this.
so i put down my blade and cried. cried so hard into my pillow, that i almost could breathe. i knew i did the right thing..
& i STILL know that i did.
Now , if you EVER feel like you can't take it anymore.. Read this quote again & i bet you'll feel better..


  I honestly dont know what I would do without Witty ! ♥ . Seeing all the people who have the same fears, & interests.. it really gives me hope (: . I also want to give a thanks to all the people who commented on my quote about me being afraid of being a freshman this year.. you guys really helped me ! ♥ (:

I am a freshman this year, & honestly I am extremely afraid because the high school in my town is HUGE..
Any Advice? :/

Well, Hello there Witty. It has been awhile since i have last been on here! I missed you.
(i still suck at formats! :P.)