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Sin Tu Amor, Yo Soy Nada♥

Quotes by Simplyy_Dezaree*


Out of everyone in the galaxy, you're the one i want no one else.



I want someone who will go and pick flowers out of the garden for me each day just to see me smile, someone who will do everything in his power to keep me happy and love me even on my worst days. 


Late at night i stay up and look up at the stars and think of all the reasons i love you untill i run out of stars. 

In life you must take time to stop and smell the flowers to relax and imagine things you havent so that when you are in a bad situation you can remeber smelling the flowers.

Make the most of the days you have now, so that there are no what ifs later

Be the brightest flower

In a hole field of flowers

format by isaaclahey

we made a mess of love

so why should i care at all?

I hope some day you will find the light in life and just be happy because without that light you can't be happy.
I found mine, Did you find yours?
Best day ever yesterday !!!!
Happy Valentine's Day Everybody !!