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Sin Tu Amor, Yo Soy Nada♥

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If you dont
» want me now,
[    dont   miss   me   later   ]
-Frank   Ocean    


So i noticed something yesterday...
Me and my ex boyfriend have an okay friendship, and we were talking and he was flirting with me. I was like are you stupid ??? You put me through hell and back and then flirt with me?! Are you looking to get punched ?! 


I turned to a cold hearted b*tch cuz of all the things ive been through but as long as you don't hurt me i will ride for you 


One day ... 

im gonna thank you for all the hurt you gave me...
because without you hurting me i wouldn't be the person i am today. 


I hope im not sounding to desperate.... I need love and affection<3


i learned not to expect anything from anybody, all that does is get you let down. i learned not to fall for people, cuz it gets you let down. With you its different i don't expect anything yet you seem to never let me down, i fell for you and you have yet to let me down<3 



My life has changed A LOT over the past year. I've lost a lot of people but i gained people too. I miss some people but  i dont miss others


if i lose you, my life will be turned upside down... You make me smile when im crying and when im mad you kiss me and make me laugh. You're my bestfriend and im not afraid to be myself around you<3 






When i leave ....

Will you miss me ? Will you call me everyday ? Will you think about me ? 
Don't play me as a fool because we both know you will do all of those things but we both kno i won't do any of them.
Sincerally, Dee❤

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