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'm Zina, I'm 13 if you wanna know anything else just ask.

Basically I'm a fearless independent bi.tch on the internet and shy and friendly in real life.

you just got haaackkkeddddd.
So its Meagaaannnn hurrr. aka loveisjusta_history_   and uhm Zina's perfect. and she is sexy and amazing and I love her with a hot passion so follow her and uhm yeah. Hey. hey guess what. I love you. I WANT YOUR DICKKK BITTCCHH. LOL I'm cute. jk. I'm a weirdo and you people reading this are probably all like what the , But you sir. You are a hoe. Therefore yoour argument is invalid. I don't even know what I'm talking about right now. OKay well my back hurts. AH MAN. I just dropped my phone on the floor and then knocked over the guitar. Wow I'm smooth. Okay wow this is really long.. UHm well I love youuuu;* okkay bye hoes.