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Quotes by ITALIANChicka1319

whoever said you can't buy happiness
was shopping at the wrong mall<3
staring up at the sky, wondering what
happened to her life.
Who are you to judge me,
and the life I live, I know that I'm not
perfect And that I don't claim to be
So, before you point your finger
Make sure your hands are clean
When i get married;she`ll be my Maid of honor
When i have a baby; she`ll be the god mother
&& When i die my grave will be right next to hers
This girl is so much MORE than my best friend
Shes my other half _insert friends name here_
iF YOu TeaCH me THe ruLeS
i`ll show you how to break them<3
»» every story has an end :;
but in life, every end is a new
BeGInnInG ©
all the pieces will [fall] into place but until then
live for the moment laugh at the confusion & know
that everything [happens] for a reason
and there the kind of friends
that if my house was burning down
they would be sitting there roasting
marshmellows <3
i found his heart
&& you know what they say
finders keepers

edits-make the heart big and rainbow
©© if i tell you i love you,
can i keep you Forever?