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Freshmannnn(: .

Some girls are just born with glitter in Their veins ;

I'm the Girly Girl . The Princess .
My favorite color's Pink , I love Chihuahuas , &Crowns .
I swear like a Sailor .
Takenn ;
Miley Cyrus is My Idol . Get at Me .
Ke$ha's a goddess .
Pop Music Will Never Be Low Brow .
Music's My life .
I love any&All music . From Indie to Bubblegum Pop to Country to Rap to Alternative to Screamo . 
I'm outgoing&I know how to have a good time .
But don't let it fool You - I'm not one to judge
I'm really into Photography . I'm a complete Hipster .
Animal Abuse is THE worst thing , Ever . I'm working on becoming a Vegetarian .
As soon as I'm 18 , Cali will be My home .
I live for quotes that describe how I feel .
Witty's pretty great - I love the people on here .
I can have a deep conversation with anyone
I'm very intouch with my feelings&Emotions .
Life's a carnival ride&It doesn't stop for Anybody .
So , Live it up . Laugh&Love until You die
No regrets . Sing like You're on a stage
Do what makes You happy .
Believe , You can do anything You set Your mind to . 
You're going places , Kid .

Caelin Mary-Camilla♥.



Kisiall bette------
I'm noreadtgo*
It'not YoufaulLove ,
You didn'kno.

Her                   daddy                  said                ,  
"     He     ain't     worth     a     lick     &    When    it    comes    to    brains    -
H e   g o t   t h e    s h o r t    e n d    o f    t h e   s t i c k ;  "
But           even           if            They         have          to         run            away          ;

She's       gonna       marry       that       boy       someday .


My heart is Damaged , You can blame the one before ;
How're Yogonna fiit ?-------



You'll never enjoy Your life
living inside the box ;

You're so afraid of taking chances ,

How're You gonna reach the top ?

Get rid of all the hesitation ;

It's time for You to sieze the day .


Some things are meant to be ---





Take My Hand ,
TakMWholLife , Too ;

Because I Can't Help 
FallinILovWitYo. -------

I'm too young to be
T a k e n     S e r i o u s l y    ,
But I'm too old to believe
All this hypocrisy .

But it's the wrongs that make these words come to

life .


Thanks FoThe Memories - Even if They weren't sgreat .
He tastes like You - Only sweeter   .           ♥ 

I sing songs
about My 
friends , We used to laugh cause We didn't give a damn .