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Alright, Uh, Hi?? my name is Eren! I'm currently a junior in highschool and an aspiring animator..I'm a trans boy ((sweats nervously)) and I'm asexual yo.. I am currently studying japanese because I want to study animation in Japan and maybe even live there? i don't really know to be honest. i am smol (165-ish cm) but I am ready to fight.. that was a lie I'm just trying to impress you. i have a lot of social anxiety so if you ever try to hit me up, and i respond strangely, please take into account that i am just not used to being talked to?? i really like things that glow...it's my aesthetic tbh and anything that is holographic mmMMMmm..My music taste includes indie, j-pop, k-pop (occasionally), and House music ! but I prefer indie the most :^).My favorite indie band is The Wombats, and I particularlly like their album Glitterbug. I suppose it is easy to tell that i like drawing, seeing as though i want to be animator.. IDK. When people ask what else i like to do besides draw i find it hard to answer them. thats because i spend most of my time drawing anyway, and if I'm not drawing then i am in cosplay or sleeping ngl. i really like dogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a lottttt. my favorites are the corgi and shiba inu. my grandma had a corgi named Zoe and she was an angel...idk why i thought to type that but im just gonna leave it there. Uuuhhh so yeah, if you'd like to follow me on tumblr you can do so  here


Quotes by Ryouta*

Summer is nearly here and I am too emotionally drained to care 
Don't go wasting my time. 
Tripped on a stepping stone, I got up and kept on going. Just me, travelling alone.
There's nowhere left to go but up.
It's all downhill from here, kid.
It's all downhill from here, kid.
I want to scream.
My mom is dead.
My girlfriend and I just broke up.
I can't sleep anymore, my grades are dropping.
My family's forgotten me.

They took everything, we built it with our own hands and they took it. 
Let's take back everything we've lost 
Kept you waiting, didn't I?
i need to let some things off my chest right now so i apologize for any grammar mistakes in advance. I feel so horrible lately. My mom has brain cancer and can either take chemo or be put into palliative care. chemo seems to be pushing it though. I havent seen my mom in roughly four years, and now she might die. right when i have the chance to go see her. she might die. also my dad lost his job and keeps snapping at me about it. it's not my fault you lost your job ok dont yell at me and cuss at me. and just generally speaking i feel bad. i feel dysphoric and isolated and depressed. i have been trying so hard to post art onto tumblr only to get like 13 notes, i need a major confidence booster. nobody says nice things about my art or even me anymore. im such a horrible person. even my mom said i have a huge ego. there nothing to look forward to anymore. everything is going down hill. my stress relief was in art but now when i do it it makes me more stressed than i was before. id rather be dead right now honestly. notice me. notice me, im a boy, i want to have fun drawing, i want my mom to get better, i want my dad to stop yelling all the time. not to mention things at school. people avoid me and i have no friends. everyone i know is transferring to this stupid arts school. my "boyfriend" doesnt bother speaking to me hardly at all and would rather go off on his own than to even say bye????? idk how relationships work but im pretty sure youre supposed to like the person youre dating and i get the feeling he doesnt like me at all. like what the heck man. theres so many things happening and you cant manage to comfort me? I have internet friends that do a better job at making me feel better than you