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Alright, Uh, Hi?? my name is Eren! I'm currently a junior in highschool and an aspiring animator..I'm a trans boy ((sweats nervously)) and I'm asexual yo.. I am currently studying japanese because I want to study animation in Japan and maybe even live there? i don't really know to be honest. i am smol (165-ish cm) but I am ready to fight.. that was a lie I'm just trying to impress you. i have a lot of social anxiety so if you ever try to hit me up, and i respond strangely, please take into account that i am just not used to being talked to?? i really like things that glow...it's my aesthetic tbh and anything that is holographic mmMMMmm..My music taste includes indie, j-pop, k-pop (occasionally), and House music ! but I prefer indie the most :^).My favorite indie band is The Wombats, and I particularlly like their album Glitterbug. I suppose it is easy to tell that i like drawing, seeing as though i want to be animator.. IDK. When people ask what else i like to do besides draw i find it hard to answer them. thats because i spend most of my time drawing anyway, and if I'm not drawing then i am in cosplay or sleeping ngl. i really like dogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a lottttt. my favorites are the corgi and shiba inu. my grandma had a corgi named Zoe and she was an angel...idk why i thought to type that but im just gonna leave it there. Uuuhhh so yeah, if you'd like to follow me on tumblr you can do so  here


Quotes by Ryouta*

It appears that I don't know you at all, darling. 
what ever happened to my Trannsylvania Twist?

my friend, the scientist, he built us a rocketship,
And even though we were supposed to fly together out of the stratosphere
He flew
He flew without me 

praise mr.skeltal
call it what you want , call it confidence.
mMMm sure love feeling dysphoric mmmMM
i am a man ok
I    et on the tu   gl r
g                      n
I scRea  mmmmmmmm
so I'm Vice President of the art club at my school and last Thursday was our first club meeting,
the president made a slideshow with all the council member's names on it, right?
he put my dead name on it and i had to intervene and explain how people can call me Eren.
after the presentation this girl came up to me calling me by my birth name.
i told her i preffered Eren and she didn't listen??
at that very moment my sould had left this earth and landed on another plane of existence where it could sc r e am.
i told her it was more polite to call someone by their preffered name .
now when she sees me she sarcastically calls out "Eren"
 what to heck man.
guess who got into Metal Gear Solid V ????
 It was I, and you're gosh darn right I'm gonna cosplay child Psycho Mantis 
In all his peach colored-hair glory
Who said I cared about you? 
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