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ohai there stranger. :)

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Quotes by I_Love_You_SNM

you were my hero and i was your sidekick
now you're gonna be the tear that i cry when we split

I don't know what I want
but I don't want this.

  Lana Del Rey is amazing.
that is all.

Is  it  wrong  to  like  a  guy
  that's a grade older than you?

Why  do  I  always  fall  for  the  boy..
  I can't have?

saying today instead of tomorrow after midnight,

Because you're on the ball.

We  dont  speak  anymore . . .
mainly  because  of  her.

  But I miss you a lot.

Fave if you're from the UK or you live in the UK (:
Yeah, I got your text.
But I was too busy on Witty to reply. (:

Funny Moment #2
  When you're singing & then get the lyrics wrong xD